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The focus of the Youth Leadership Development Program focus on developing and fostering leadership, self-esteem, a sense of civic duty, staying in school, community involvement, social justice, inclusivity and belonging, holistic health (mental and physical), creativity, communication skills, and conflict resolution and is open to all low income immigrant youth of the city of Calgary, aged 13-25.

The Youth Leadership program will be divided into different categories/themes as listed above. Each category/theme would have corresponding workshops that would be scheduled every three month. In order to ensure that the program would addresses the needs and wants of youth, APEBA and partners would survey local youth about what they want to see happen. The Youth Leadership Development Program would also create a youth council that would help decide what programs to put forth, as well as what happens at the Youth Leadership Development Program in general.



What is a gang?

A visible group of three or more persons that plans and carries out crime for profit, often using severe violence. Gang members may identify themselves through a common name, symbols, colours, signs, graffiti, clothing brands and tattoos. The majority of gang members are male and almost half of them are under the age of 18. Gang members are from any racial, cultural, or socio-economic group.

? Gang members commit a variety of offences (e.g. assault, drive-by shooting, selling drugs, intimidation, robbery and homicide)

? Gang members commit a disproportionate number of offences, and commit serious and violent offences at a higher rate

? Gang-related homicides increased in 2008: 138 homicides reported by police to have been gang-related, an increase of  20 over previous year

The main goal of this program is to reduce the risk of gang involvement among at-risk youth and address the following areas:

  • Increase awareness of consequences of gang involvement
  • Encourage youth to adopt a less positive attitude toward gangs
  • Increase motivation to participate in pro-social behaviours
  • Decrease risk factors that contribute to interest in gang activity
  • Increase protective factors that contribute to youth’s interest in pro-social activity

As a community member you can… •


APEBA Prevention Efforts

The prevention efforts targeted at limiting youth involvement in gangs is integral to promoting optimal individual and community well-being, specifically in those areas that are susceptible to gang activity. In recent years there has been an emphasis placed on evaluating gang prevention programs to discern effective approaches and providing a more comprehensive approach.

The Comprehensive Gang Model

The Comprehensive Gang Model developed by the APEBA focuses on community prevention and intervention in balance with law enforcement suppression activities. The model involves five strategies for responding to gang-involved youth and their families. These include:

  • Community mobilization, the involvement of local citizens, including former gang members and community groups and agencies, and the coordination of programs and staff functions within and across agencies.
  • Opportunities provision, the development of a variety of specific education, training, and employment programs targeting gang-involved youth.
  • Social intervention, youth-serving agencies, schools, street outreach workers, grassroots groups, faith-based organizations, law enforcement agencies, and other criminal justice organizations reaching out and acting as links between gang-involved youth and their families, the conventional world, and needed services.
  • Suppression, formal and informal social control procedures, including close supervision or monitoring of gang youth by agencies of the criminal justice system and also by community-based agencies, schools, and grassroots groups.
  • Organizational change and development, development and implementation of policies and procedures that result in the most effective use of available and potential resources to better address the gang problem. 1
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