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APEBA’s Family Crisis Prevention Program

Although no family is immune to crisis, some families are particularly vulnerable.  Early identification and support by APEBA volunteers may help the family avoid a crisis.  Workshops that help family members to deal with possible situations that may lead to crisis are conducted through out the year and are facilitated by APEBA’s qualified volunteers.

Possible Causes of Family Crisis:

Family Situations.  Examples include the desertion of a parent, a runaway teen, an unplanned pregnancy, a serious illness or injury, neighbours’ complaints about the family, a child abuse and neglect investigation, illegal drugs use, or spouse abuse.  Events that many families view as happy times, such as a marriage, the birth of a child, a child going to Head Start or public school for the first time, an adolescent becoming more independent, a grown child leaving the home, a family's move to a new community, a new job, or retirement, can be very stressful times for other family.

Economic Situations.  Sudden or chronic financial strain caused by loss of employment or public assistance, a theft of household cash or belongings, high medical expenses, missed child support payments, haphazard credit card use, and money "lost" to gambling or drug addiction lead to family crisis.

Community Situations.  Examples of stressful community events include deliberate acts of violence, such as drive-by shootings, neighborhood riots or civil disturbances, and gang activities.  Crowded or deteriorating housing conditions, lack of access to culturally appropriate community resources and services, and inadequate educational programs are some other ways a community may contribute to family crisis.

External Situations. Financial demands from family members overseas, displacement of family members from violence prone areas (South Sudan, Sudan(Darfur) Somalia, DRC etc), missing relatives back home, but have no financial means and Passport to return home and many other similar situations.

APEBA’s FCP Workshops focus on:

  • How to build a positive relationship with the individuals you support/love (Family members)
    • How to recognize and avoid potential challenging situations
    • Verbal and nonverbal de-escalation techniques
    • Physical principles of personal safety and techniques on how to avoid injury if behaviour escalates to a physical level
    • How to apply the material covered in the workshops to “real life” situations.
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